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So What’s in a Surname?

I have taken the surname Tustone here on my blog…which is an outgrowth of  birch2stone. Which… well… it could mean that I am petrifying. I do love birch trees, always have, and I love petrified wood (which is a type … Continue reading

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I ~AM~ Birch

I have found myself at one of those points in my life when things have to shift a bit, lol… Mainly, recognizing that it is a season for standing still and doing standing still kinds of things, like observation, writing, … Continue reading

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What’s your favorite type of rock?

Fairly obviously (I at least would think) my favorite tree is the birch. I love them, in all their varieties! So I am not even gonna ask you that question. Instead, I am going to ask, What is your favorite … Continue reading

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