I ~AM~ Birch


“Fall Birch” oil painting by Beth Peterson, all rights reserved

I have found myself at one of those points in my life when things have to shift a bit, lol… Mainly, recognizing that it is a season for standing still and doing standing still kinds of things, like observation, writing, and such, rather than flying  the creative winds where ere they blow…and using energy I don’t have right now to do it. 😉 It’s all good, and in a real way, a relief as I relinquish that feeling that I need to keep *doing* rather than keep “being”.

I am, in fact, claiming my name. Seriously. My given birth name is Teutonic for Birch, as well as being one of the Celtic spellings for Birch. I ~am~ Birch! (We’ll get to my surname in a bit….)

Not only does my name mean Birch, which I have known for decades, but I just very recently found out that I was born in the month of Birch. Yes! The first month of the year in the Ogham tree calendar is Birch!

So. I am Birch born in Birch.

But the interesting (to me) stuff continues. My parents had a completely different name picked out for me. It wasn’t anything like Beth. (And yes; my name is Beth, not Elizabeth or Bethany or any other variation.)  But… once I was born — in the midst of a DC blizzard, no less!! — when I was given to my Mom she looked at me and said, “Her name is Beth.” No if’s. No and’s. No but’s. But also no middle name, so the family scrambled around for a suitable one for me.

I’ve often wondered why my name was so given to me. It really does feel to me that it is a name given, and there is significance in that giving and in the name. But then again, I could just be a tad crazy, rofl.

Hm. So what does the birch tree symbolize? Well, the Celtic meaning is an interesting mixture of stability, renewal, transformation, adaptability and growth. Birch trees are the first to recolonize burnt out stretches of forest… boldly growing where no tree has grown before (well, after that big fire, anyway)! They are the first to bud and leaf out in spring. They are incredibly versatile when it comes to human usage, for everything from some of the best natural tinder in the world, making containers, canoes and boats, and even provides sweetening!

Wow. That’s a lot to live up to!! No wonder I didn’t really claim my name until now.  … I mean, even in high school I was making stationary under the name of Birchhome, so I kinda claimed it, but now I’m claiming it!

It has become my personal totem, if you will, just as the blue pegasus was before, the phoenix was before that, and a horse was before that. Each of these changes have marked some pretty profound changes in my life. I suspect that this time I am marking the change before I know what the change will fully end up being and where it will take me.

So, I am Birch. Pleased to meet you! Welcome to my changing world! 😀

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