So What’s in a Surname?

I have taken the surname Tustone here on my blog…which is an outgrowth of  birch2stone. Which… well… it could mean that I am petrifying. I do love birch trees, always have, and I love petrified wood (which is a type of agate), so that might not be all that bad, lol.  Or perhaps I’m petrifying to other people?? ~WEG~ That has been said once or twice, or more, within my hearing. *evil chuckle*

But really, Two Stones comes from my real family names. My father’s last name (and my own) is Peterson. Son (scion, daughter) of the rock. My mother’s maiden surname was Keesling. A decade or so ago, I went looking for the meaning of the name, only knowing it was from what is now in the east-southeastern portion of Germany. Turns out it is an affectionate or diminutive form of gravel or pebbles.

Well, that didn’t seem too impressive! But then a bit more digging and I discovered it was a term used during the late Middle Ages to denote master masons, i.e. stonecutters, stone carvers, sculptors, architects, and so on. Now, loving to sculpt in stone (although not as much as I love clay), this made me happy.

So…. The bones of the earth runs in my veins from both sides of my family! Two stones! Solid. Dependable. May be a bit cracked.

What’s that you ask? Oh! Why change it from Twostones to Tustone? First, it looks cleaner. Second, it still allows the first possible interpretation, that I may be moving toward becoming a lump of rock. And third, I was inspired by a website I once used a lot when trying out trial versions of software I might want to get — I haven’t been there, other than just now to see if they still exist, in well over a decade, but… a good name gets remembered!

Okay! So there you have it! The reason you may find birch2stone aka Birch Tustone, running around the web! I sure as heck ain’t running IRL!! 😉

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