Office Dog’s Abuse of Power, Oh My!!

Rainier as a Pup

Rainier the Wonder Dog, ’cause everyone wonders what kind of dog she is!

See that sweet puppy face over to the right? Doesn’t she look innocent? And kinda funny with her short legs sticking out at odd angels and one ear flipped back?

You would never know that this wonderful creature, Rainier by name, could be a stone-cold abuser of office dog power.  Alas, my lovely puppy had a dark streak hidden beneath her velvety fur!

The following video is not for the squeamish at heart or of stomach! I warn you!! And I am NOT responsible for any snorted coffee or tea spat across your keyboard! (Okay, maybe you won’t find it as worth of such incidents as I believe it to be, having experienced the coffee up the nose, myself. But then, I think practically everything Raini does is wonderful, lol)

The video quality stinks, but I still hope you enjoy! 😀

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