Survey Says… Well okay. It just asked…

I just completed a survey about what news-type topics I think are the most important to focus on at the present time. I thought I’d share my responses with you.

A stack of surveys. Attribution: The Bees (flickr)

A stack of surveys. Attribution: The Bees

Now, just to be clear, my answers here are the tips of some very vast icebergs about what I think on these topics. Health permitting, I’m sure that eventually you’ll see me write more on each of the below. Be warned!! 😉

You chose 3 topics you feel are of vital importance. Please tell us why you chose these 3 topics.

Food, Farming, and GMOs: Because without healthful food, we destroy ourselves at the most basic level.

Climate Change & Clean Energy: Because the first thing we need to do for our future is recognize we must adjust to a world that is changing, and to stop contributing to that change.

Income Inequality: Because without the truth of how the 1% is using its wealth to cause rifts within the 99% (divide and conquer) stress on individuals, families, communities and even globally will escalate.

Did we leave any topic out that you’re really passionate about?

How **deeply** (and dangerously) our civilization is tied to petrochemicals, from fuel, to food production and distribution, to plastics (which are everywhere, including our healthcare equipment and even medicines), to clothing, to the technology we enjoy today, usually without a second thought.

That we need to remove the possibility (and reality) of “the government for the people BY the people” becoming nothing more than a facade for a plutocracy.

That real education is not about tests and test scores. It is not about Core Curriculums.It is about teaching our children critical thinking skills and teaching them how to LEARN on their own, not memorize arbitrary factoids to please a system.

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