I Used To

I used to sing and dance
I climbed mountains
I trained horses, dogs, and even rats
I helped people cope with the problems they faced in their own lives.

I used to help the developmentally disabled
to eat
to dress
to bath
to move from place to place without falling.

I used to paint and draw
There was skill in my hands
I used to throw pottery and create sculpture
My body was strong.

I used to write
Clear-headed, organized
I used to be able to explain to others using nothing but words.
(I used to pretend I was a poet, but that was long ago
I’m really not, so I quit pretending.)

I used to…oh, I used to.

And then there is now.

Now, I am shackled by a body that cannot do
All I used to do.

I guess that means it is time
for me to learn, not what I can do,
but what I can be.

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One Response to I Used To

  1. What you ARE is an amazing woman. You are a friend, a mentor, a loving sister, a devoted daughter, a beautiful person inside and out. Nothing can change that.


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