What’s that you’re feeding yourself??

Over the past several years as my health has crashed into severe disability, I’ve been struggled off and on with depression. Although it begins as situational depression, it can ever so easily tip over into clinical depression…the kind that stops you in your tracks.

The good thing is, I know how to work to keep myself as positive as possible. It is hard, and there are certainly days I don’t handle it as well as I could, but overall, I keep my spirits up pretty decently with the help of family and friends.

Today, two different friends talked about the news, and the hype and tragedies that are slammed into our faces (and brains) over and over again. To one of them, I wrote the following: If you feed yourself tragedies, you will become a tragedy. If you feed yourself things that uplift you, make you happy, or even open the doors to joy, then you will become an uplifted AND uplifting person. Word.

Lobo - ink painting by Beth E Peterson, All Rights Reserved.

“Lobo” — not my best drawing or painting of a wolf by any stretch, but I had this ink painting I’d done years ago handy. So it’s the one that got used. *chuckle*

Or to illustrate it a different way (which I like ’cause I like to tell stories)…. As I told one of my nephews some years back, imagine that there are two wolves under your table. One is a wolf that values beauty, balance, loyalty, and respect. The other wolf thrives on dissent, anger, fear, hatred, paranoia and ugliness.

You *must* feed one of the wolves. Your only choice is which one you choose to feed. And eventually, that wolf will be out from under the table, where everyone can see it and know your choice.

Or, of course, there is also the old programmer saying of “Garbage In; Garbage Out.” Or, I’ve also heard it as “You are what you read.” … which is a little limited for a what I really am getting at, which is more about attitudes, mental health, and coping with this tragedy overload that the media, especially, perpetuates. (And yes, I include the internet media including social media in this.)

I want to be a happy person. That really is one of my main goals in life. Another is to experience as much joy as possible. In order to do this, however, I have found I must monitor and limit what I listen to (including music), what I read, what I watch.

Now, I often am researching distressing subjects, which goes against my happiness but is needful in order for me to be an informed individual about the things I care about. So, yes…angst enters my life. But knowing this, I can make sure to give my favorite, happy and life-loving wolf extra treats and snacks, while I also limit how much time I spend with the downer wolf at any one session.

Ah…. I think I’m up for a treat! Someone pass the chocolate-covered hazelnuts, please!! 😀

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