Life as I Know It — at least for this morning

This morning I was totally, muscle-deep, exhausted within an hour of waking up. No, I didn’t go running. No, I didn’t hope on a stationary bike. I didn’t do hiking or swimming or even do chores around the house. No… for me, the struggle that left me panting and in an amazing amount of pain was simply getting out of my bed, using a cane and a staff to help me shuffle the ten or o feet to the bathroom, take care of business there, then struggle back to my room and movement by slow movement, get myself back into my bed and positioned correctly.

I rarely tell folk, especially my friends, what I deal with on a daily basis. They can’t do anything about the physical aspects, and I really, really hate bringing other people down. And let’s be honest: debilitating and painful chronic illness is a downer.

Having said that, though, I have written elsewhere about the medical issues I face and have gotten comments back telling me ‘thank you for sharing this — I/my family member/my friend no longer feels so alone in what they are going through, too’.  So… since I am thinking more clearly today and have even regained energy faster than I have in  quite a while, I am writing this as an introduction to a series I have planned out discussing, from a purely layman’s perspective, the ways in which my body (doesn’t) work.

I’ve got to stop and rest again…. I hope to begin the next post later today, Wish me luck!!

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One Response to Life as I Know It — at least for this morning

  1. Jennifer says:

    Take care of yourself, Birch! I hate to hear that you’re in pain, but I’d rather know than live in a haze where I think you’re okay when you’re not. Please know that many people love you and care for you and want you to be happy and healthy and free from worry.


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