Could you, Would you… Please?!?

I know I’ve been away a long time. I have some serious health problems, and this year it seems all of them have been raging, lol….Raging arthritis throughout my joints; Raging lupus symptoms (a lot like MS) keeping me on the floor (actually, in the bed) and interfering with my ability to think; and then RAGING lymphedema on top of it all.

Can you say “BLECH”!?!

Well, ** finally** I was able to see the lymphedema specialist on Thursday. He was not super encouraging about my condition. Just as I was losing all hope, though, he did give us (Jeannette and Wayne went with me) pointers on what I can do to stimulate the lymph vessels, some ideas for DIY home care, including truss-style wraps we can make ourselves. And scripts for “real”  wraps and a “pod” (think kinda weak boa constrictor meets sleeping bag) which I have a decent chance of –eventually — getting because this is primary lymphedema (been there since preadolescence).

ANYWAY…related in a roundabout sort of way… Lynn and I have been ok’ed and measured for power wheelchairs (which would be SO good for u both!!) BUT…. they will not even begin to build them until all our mobile home’s doorways are enlarged to 42″ or more. Since we barely make our bills as it is, we don’t have the money for this.

With a flourish of grateful trumpets, I do get to tell you some good friends (& former colleagues) of mine have set up a fundraising site for us. Now the big thing is to get the word out. Will you help us do that?? The URL for the site is   If you could share it with even just 20 people, that would be Golden!!

Thanks a billion!!!

~~~Birch (aka Beth)

P.S.  The following was written by another of my friends, Nancy Parode, and it made me so thankful that I have friends like her, um, including her:

“Sometimes all it takes to get by is a little help from our friends…

“I met Beth online when we worked together, and got to know Lynn when Dancing Daughter and I visited them in their now-needs-to-be-modified home. They are lovely, creative, intelligent ladies whose health issues have created mobility issues. They have funding for new wheelchairs, but can’t get the wheelchairs until their home is modified.

“I can’t begin to express to you how much having the motorized wheelchairs would help Lynn and Beth. They wouldn’t be trapped in their bedrooms any longer. They could do more for themselves at home, and they would be able to get to medical appointments without exhausting themselves. And that’s just the beginning.

“I know you are bombarded with fundraising requests – I am, too – but I am making a special effort to share Beth and Lynn’s story not only because they are my friends, but because they have so much to offer the people they meet. This isn’t just about giving them better quality of life, although that’s the #1 goal. It’s also, in my mind, about giving more people the chance to meet them, share in their journeys and hear their sage advice (Beth isn’t just a skilled potter and writer, for example – she also paints and has made her own musical instruments.)

“Please consider contributing to this fundraising effort. If you’re on the fence, contact me so we can talk by telephone or Skype about Beth and Lynn’s house, the potential impact (all positive) on their lives having motorized wheelchairs will have and why micro-funding can change the world, two sisters at a time.

“Thanks for reading, and, especially, thanks for considering.”   ~~~~ Nancy Parode

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