About Birch

Pretty easy to figure out I was named after a tree species, right? Although, my folks didn’t realize they were naming me after a tree!

In order to figure that out, go see I ~AM~ Birch. And then to find out more about my chosen surname here on my blog, go see What’s in a Surname?

Otherwise, I am a writer, a poet (but a bad one), a watercolorist, a painter, a drawer, a potter, a sculptor, a horse lover, a dog lover, a cat liker, and am interested in nearly everything on earth, in the solar system, and beyond the reaches of the universe. Anything is fair game!

I am disabled with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and very severe lymphedema. Before that point, I rode horses, climbed cliffs, traveled extensively, trained dogs, mucked out horse shit, slung fast food through a drive-through window, earned degrees in Studio Ceramics and Clinical Psychology, and have done any number of other things. Some of them you’re almost certain to find out, should you stick around and read this blog.

I’m also, whilst stuck in a bed nearly all the time, working on a novel I have actual hope for. It’s an apocalyptic fantasy which includes the downfall/change of human civilization as we currently know it, plus interesting critters such as dwarves, pucas and such. You’ll probably hear more about that as well.

Plus, I know Farmville 2 stuff will be coming. That’s because I love that the developers use real breeds and species of plants, trees, and especially animals. Many of their “specials” are rare or endangered breeds, which I want to tell people about, since the game doesn’t do that. (This goes under “I love living things!!”)


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